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Jun 21 2007

The big scare.. oh and about that pre institute work….

Yesterday I almost LOST MY MIND! So I got a call from the graduation office, and anytime you get a call from them AFTER you have graduated can’t be good news! In the long and short of things, it turns out that they couldn’t not confer my degree because I was supposedly missing 5 credits! WRONG! My adviser who I love very much but is quite disorganized, forgot to change the graduation requirements, and notify the graduation department, but evidently she wrote that the class was not needed on some and didn’t do it on mine. *angry face* SO… while I was getting VERY nervous I called/emailed and then called again everyone that I knew that could directly help me. By the afternoon it had been taken care of, but that gave me the scare of my life! Well, of this week.

Good news is that I am no longer going to be lost EVER again! Courtesy of a very expensive PDA/GPS system that will travel with me wherever I go. Of course, I had to pay for it myself… BUT I’d like to consider it an investment. It’s hella sweet, I can bluetooth it to my computer, transfer files, cruise the internet anytime I can get a wireless/wi-fi connection, GPS myself, give real time directions even after i m iss the turn. Provide real time traffic reports and changes my route accordingly! I’m in love. Let’s just hope that I don’t loss it in the next 3 years before its paid for itself!

oh and the pre-institute work… Let’s not talk about that. But the “diversity” book which was well written mostly.. was my entire major all over again. NO JOKE! They were talking about “unpacking privilege” and I was like oh my, I could list the entire theory, the main proponents and opponents, what privileges she specifically talks about in her work and so on. And it was like that for pretty much the entire thing. I laughed real hard and then called a fellow major and we laughed together. Nonetheless it saved me some time! GooOOOO AES! lol.

Alright.. I still have HELLA Work to do not including laundry, sifting through my boxes to decided what needs to come with me and enjoying my last day of vacation!

Peas.. T

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